HVAC Allows For Family Sanctuary

It happens to all of us.

While we know it’s inevitable, it still hits hard when it happens.

I just lost both of my parents withing literal months of each other. On the one hand, I’m glad that weren’t kept apart for very long as they were married nearly 60 years. However, that kind of loss all at once can be a bit overwhelming. Being the only child, I am the one who is the executor of their will and in charge of their affairs. There wasn’t a whole lot of putting up my feet in HVAC comfort after they died. I had my work and the work of their estate to contend with. On top of that, I have my responsibilities as a husband and father. My parents were rather well off. Much of their wealth was put in trust for the coming generations. However, they have a large estate which was left to me. The home is grand and huge. But, it is also badly out of date and run down. Besides, that sort of estate living just isn’t my style. So, instead of selling it, I decided to come up with a more creative solution. First I had an HVAC contractor come out and install a series of mini split ductless HVAC units. Then, I worked with a general contractor to divide the giant house into several separate living spaces. This way, I can offer independent living arrangements to friends and relatives who might otherwise not be able to afford decent housing. I think my mom and dad would be very happy that the home they adored stayed in the family.

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