HVAC In The Boonies

I can’t believe what a relief it is to be free of a mortgage.

Plus, living our life is now much, much easier to afford.

Years ago, I got a bit of money from inheritance so, I purchased a bit of land way out in the woods. I mean this is out there far beyond the HVAC controlled suburbs. Over the years, my wife and I built a home that would be completely sustainable. We would also be able to live in the very heart of nature. This was something that both of us really always wanted to do. Our spot is so far out that we don’t ever have an standard electrical hook up. However, we addressed that year ago with a state of the art solar array. That was the first thing we did as we were developing the property. All the energy we need is produced from the sun. This means we actually have electricity enough for music, kitchen stuff and even an HVAC unit. The winters are quite mild where we are but the summer are a beast. So, it’s really very nice to be able to cool off our home. My wife and I installed a mini split ductless HVAC unit. The floor plan of our small home is wide open with floor to ceiling windows all around. The ductless HVAC does a terrific job of both heating and cooling the space. In fact, it does such a great job because we did our part by sealing our home very tight. This way, all the HVAC cooling comfort stays inside the house instead of leaking out. The HVAC unit doesn’t have to run all that much since our home is only about 1200 square feet.