Too many heating options to choose from after winning the lotto

You know how people are always joking about what a waste of money it is to play the lotto? Well, they should look at the big pile of money that I have sitting in the bank before they continue spreading their lies.

I’ve been playing the lotto since I turned 18 years old.

In fact, I began buying a ticket every single day the day that I became legal. Over the years, I’ve definitely spent a fair amount of cash investing in this money making scheme, but I always knew that it would pay off somehow. Sure enough, last month my day finally came. As I watch the local news, they rattled off every single number on my lotto ticket. I immediately became a millionaire overnight. Let me tell you, winning the lotto is as overwhelming as they say. I have so much money, and I’m trying to make the wisest decisions possible with it. One of the first things I intended to do with my lotto winnings, was to replace the central heating and cooling system in my old house. I’ve been living in the same home for over 15 years, and the central heating and cooling system has needed to be replaced for about 12. I’ve never had the spare cash to hire a professional heating and cooling service for this air temperature appliance replacement. Now, I have the money to afford any HVAC equipment I could want. I’ve recently realized that I have no idea how to choose the proper heating and cooling system for my home. Luckily, my generous neighbor has offered to help me choose the best heating and cooling equipment, to perform an installation, and to take care of the regular service appointments. He just needs $100k upfront.
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