New Air Conditioning Options for the Junk Room

I guess that junk rooms are fairly ubiquitous in our culture today.

My family really had one when I was growing up.

My mother as well as father both come from a culture where you did not supply away or toss out things of any value or possible use. Mom saved every aluminum turkey tray he ever bought. Why he didn’t just use the same one over & over again I will never know. I might add that all those turkey trays are still in his home. I guess I even remember our Mom keeping the old Heating as well as Air Conditioning air filters that he was going to clean up as well as reuse. Anyway, there was a guest room that our parents filled with slightly broken gadgets or other keepsakes that they could not allow themselves to throw away. As a child into being a young adult, the system of using a part in our loft for such a purpose made entirely no good sense. Then, it happened in our house. My partner as well as I met in university as well as have been together now for over 20 years. Our life has been adventurous as well as fun. There have been several items that both of us have picked up over the years that ended up getting displaced for newer stuff. That’s where I began to notice that one of the guest rooms in our beach loft was filling up with well, junk and clutter. My partner said that he was storing stuff in there because the Heating as well as Air Conditioning wasn’t very good in that part of the house. In a desperate attempt to stop the advance of clutter, I called up the Heating as well as Air Conditioning people. They came out as well as were able to upgrade and customize our existing Heating as well as Air Conditioning system to where now all of us had separate temperature zones. Now, the junk room section of the loft could be independently Heating as well as Air Conditioning controlled. I hope this helps to stop the slow March to hoarder status.


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