Why is the HOA Board asking about my A/C?

Our life here is pretty golden, so I task really hard to keep it that way. The several hours I work at the office every day are worth it to me to be able to provide such a nice life for our family. To me, the weekends are 100% mine as well as our family’s to do as all of us please. Don’t stop by unannounced or ask to spend an hour on the cellphone with me. It just won’t happen because the weekends are our only refuge as well as our only time to recharge for another challenging month ahead. If I want to come to my beach loft on Monday night as well as rest our butt on the couch with the Heating as well as Air Conditioning cranked up, then that’s what I’m gonna do. That said, it should be no surprise that I don’t take too kindly when someone pounds on our door while I’m sipping our iced Tim Hortons Coffee on a Wednesday afternoon. As I walked down the foyer, I recognized the face as well as I was stunned by the gall of the man. It was our HOA board compliance officer. Also I knew why he was there. By the time I put our hand on the door knob, I was quite heated. This had all started about a month ago when I acquired a letter from our HOA demanding that I update my Heating as well as Air Conditioning cottageet outside our home. What was the outrageous offense? The color of the Heating as well as Air Conditioning housing had bleached out from the sun. I ignored their letters. But, I was sure ready to unload on this HOA jerk at our door on a Wednesday. The guy never got more than a few syllables from his mouth. I just kept hammering at him. Finally, I told him to leave our property or I would throw him off of it. I haven’t acquired any more of those letters from the HOA.

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