Clean Air Ducts Make for a Cleaner Home

There is a very nonsensical as well as irrational feeling of dread that comes over me when I head up into my attic.

I hate it up there.

Perhaps, I got trapped in an attic as a genuinely small child. I guess I will never know. But, I do guess that I want to get out of there as fast as humanly possible. Firstly, it’s consistently either far too cold or far too tepid up there. Then I see all the insulation as well as the many Heating as well as Air Conditioning HVAC ducts crammed into such a small area as well as I want to freak out. Again, a totally bizarre reaction to an attic of all things. However, then when I am up there as well as I see the Heating as well as Air Conditioning ducts, it reminds me that I need to schedule an HVAC duct cleaning. For most of our lives, I didn’t even guess that HVAC ducts should be cleaned. But, I found out the hard way that they surely do. I once found mice droppings coming out of one of our air vents. I nearly tossed our lunch right there on the carpet. However, I called the exterminator instead. He was the one who made me aware of the fact that the HVAC duct joints had gapped which is how the mice got access to the vents. He took care of all the mice as well as sealed up the spot in the attic that they got into the house. However, I still had messed up HVAC ducts. I called the Heating as well as Air Conditioning company that all of us rely on as well as pleaded for their help. They set us up with a company who only cleans HVAC ducts and vents. After that first cleaning, the air stinked so good that I decided to do it at least once each year. The loft just feels cleaner now.

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