I’m not cheap, just smart

While I don’t consider myself to be a complete cheapskate, clearly, I’m not all that far from it. Spending cash truly comes with equal doses of caution in addition to consideration. Usually, immense panic and shame follows. There isn’t very much that I buy which I haven’t thoroughly researched for several weeks. Wasting cash is a substantial deal as well. If I see a single sliding glass door ajar while the Heating as well as A/C is running, that definitely will result in myself and others seeing red. The young ladies hide when they hear that door slam. Wasting energy is just stupid to me. First, it costs too much cash to simply allow tons of Heating as well as A/C treated air to slip out the door. Then, there is the unfortunate amount of cash that is going down the drain. Not to mention all of the extra wear in addition to tear on the all the tiny and expensive parts in the Heating as well as A/C system. Actually, Heating as well as A/C around here has a lot to do with our life in general. My work offices are heated in addition to cooled by the most efficient and effective Heating as well as A/C I could find. The SEER rating for the appliances in the office Heating as well as A/C is incredibly high. This saves us a great deal of cash in addition to energy is also conserved. Further, I made sure that our modern cars have separate Heating as well as A/C zones inside so I don’t have to listen to complaints from the back seat. I even bring Heating as well as A/C quality into consideration when I am stopping for an overnight stay for random travel. I actually appreciate the substantial wall unit Heating as well as A/C contained in the roadside value hotels. The free breakfast doesn’t hurt too much, either.

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