Glad we have good heating for playoff hockey

I am thankful that playoff hockey is when the weather is terrible in my area. The playoffs starts right in the cold and extend all the way until spring. Springtime in the north means wet and cold, rather than snow and cold. Nobody in my area wants to be outside anyway. It is nice having an excuse to stay inside by the heater device. My family and I make sure our heater is cleaned and ready to work for playoff hockey. That’s right, I get a heater tune up twice a year. I justify this by that I don’t have AC. Normal homes with both heating and air would get two HVAC service dates. Well, I get two as well, just for my heating equipment though. The heater is checked right before winter and then in the spring for playoff hockey. The reason I stress the heating service during the hockey season is because I don’t want to lose hearing before a game. Not having quality heating while we are all in blankets in front of the TV would stink. It is sort of a special event for us. Just about every night there is a game on. We all eat in front of the TV, bet on the game and the heater works just fine for us. My husband is really big on sound. He likes that the heater gets cleaned so it makes no more noises during operation. I think about the indoor air quality. We are all trapped inside for months at a time. I want the heater pushing out clean air for my kids and I to breathe in.

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