Moving to Tampa Bay was a wonderful idea

My spouse is a leading experts in her field of study, and she has been recognized by multiple different national associations for her amazing work. When the two of us first married, she was working on a special project in Sarasota, FL, but i stayed with the kids, and she worked 12 or 14 hour nights. When the project ended, my spouse became very tired and ready for a break. Eventually, our spouse stopped working in Sarasota and took a job teaching at the Tampa Bay College, however for a while, the two of us were driving 30 or 40 hours to work each afternoon to get to work. My spouse and I could not afford to live in Tampa Bay, so the two of us were commuting to work each afternoon, but all of us still had two small children that we had to care for. Our nights kept getting longer and longer. Eventually, the two of us decided to sell the condo and eventually move to Tampa Bay. We purchased a nice condo, and the site has a lot of wonderful amenities. We were even just a few miles from the beach. There was a pool with two slides, and a diving board. The community board pays a teacher to give swim lessons every afternoon for the kids in the summer. There’s even a ball field. The whole site is amazing, and our spouse and I rarely spend more than 1 hour in the car. The kids entirely love spending time with the other city kids. When the two of us were living in Sarasota, the two of us didn’t have many neighbors in our area, now the kids spend all afternoon with their friends, and they rarely stay in the dining room with the video games. I can’t think of many things that are so nice the way they are now, and I feel the two of us should have moved a long time ago. I’m entirely enjoying the extra time with our spouse, too.

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