Moving to Tampa Bay was the best idea we have had in awhile

My husband is a well known leading expert in his field.

Not to mention he has been recognized by several national associations for his outstanding work.

When we first married, he was constantly working on a special project in Sarasota, Florida. I would stay home with the kids and he worked 12 hour days. When the project ended, my husband was sleepy and not ready to go back to work. Eventually my husband working in Sarasota and decided to take a teaching position at Tampa Bay College. For a while, he was driving 30 or 40 minutes to work each day. My husband and I could not afford to live in Tampa Bay, so every we were commuting to work each day. We still had two small children in daycare, and our days kept getting longer and longer. Eventually, we decided to sell the home plus and move straight to Tampa Bay. We lived in a nice apartment complex and the place had a lot of relaxing amenities. There was a pool with two slides, a diving board, lap lanes, and the community board even pays an instructor to give swim lessons every day while in the summer. There’s even a football field. The whole place is amazing. Now my husband only spends no more than 10 minutes in the car. The kids love spending time with the other kids that live in the same complex. When we were living in Sarasota, we didn’t have more than 2 neighbors and the kids weren’t a fan of them. Now the kids spend all day with their friends, and they rarely sit in the bedroom with the video games. I know that we should have moved a long time ago. I’m undoubtedly enjoying the extra time that I get to spend with my husband too.

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