Six complaints in three months is grounds for dismissal

Ever since I took over as manager of our heating company branch, I’ve had a lot of trouble with the employees.

I’ve been here for three years, and some of the other employees have been here for 10. They aren’t happy that I was promoted before some of them. I understand that can cause a lot of personal issues, but I still expect all of my heating company technicians to perform their job to the best of their ability. It’s been about 10 months since I took over the branch, and I still have a handful of employees that want to buck the system. Our corporate office has received six complaints in the past three months, all on the same employee. I spoke with the employee about the complaints, and I also explained that this is grounds for dismissal. Honestly, I hoped the employee would have some reason or excuse for all of the poor comments. Much to my surprise, he looked at me with a smug grin and said so what. I was really surprised and shocked, and I think it took a few seconds for the response to register. At that point, I felt that the heating company employee left me no choice, but to terminate his position with our company. I immediately fired the heating technician, and I walked him directly from my office to his vehicle. I didn’t even let him clean out the heating company work truck. Every heating company employee watched as I escorted Tim from the property. I hope the other employees will realize that I’m serious about things changing, especially now that I have fired someone.

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