I was looking for a new profession

Dad and I were sitting at the table discussing all of the new and exciting changes that were happening in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry.  It had been a long time since my grandpa had talked to me and I missed him dearly. When dad whispered that grandpa was listening, I tried to stifle my smile. Grandpa was the head of the local HVAC company.  He didn’t think women should ever be working outside of the home. The longer he stood there, the more hopeful I was becoming that he was going to change his mind and start talking to me. I slowly pulled out the chair by the table while dad and I continued to talk.  With moving anything but my hand, I patted the chair to show grandpa that it was for him. He made his way over and sat down, but he angled away from me. Dad and I were discussing the latest technology and the new ways of automating HVAC in business and soon in homes.  Grandpa huffed a couple times and then he turned to me. He demanded to know why I wanted to be a HVAC repairman and not be happy to be a wife and mother. I smiled when I spoke, but I told him I was not a HVAC repairman. I told him I was a HVAC designer and I was going to take over his HVAC business when he decided it was time to give it up.  He snorted with a bit of derision and he shook his head. “Not over my dead body.” He laughed after he said it.

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