I dropped my air conditioner while I was trying to clean it

To me, there is nothing like having a nice clean house.

When I was little, I would have the cleanest room of everyone in the entire house.

I cleaned my room every single day. It was crazy. I do not know where I learned it from because my parents were definitely not the cleanest people. They were the kind of people to trash the house and then clean it all in one day. It would be trashed for a month, and it would only stay clean for a day or two after they cleaned it. I guess I just did not like that, so I kept my room so clean that it looked like no one lived there. My mom liked it that I kept it clean, so I never changed. I still like my house to be clean to this day, but it is really hard to keep it clean because of my husband. He is quite messy, and he does not see the need to keep the house clean. Something that I always have to keep clean is my air conditioner. We have to use it 24/7 for about five months out of the year, so I make sure to clean it as often as I can. It grosses me out to think that the air conditioner is picking up dust particles and pollution all or the time, and they usually are not cleaned. I clean the filters in my air conditioner at least once a week. It helps keep the air smelling fresh and clean. I love it when I use essential oil on my air conditioning filter because it makes the whole house smell good. If I am going to keep something clean, it will be the air conditioner.


I dropped my air conditioner while I was trying to clean it

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