My first car did not have air conditioning, and it was miserable

My childhood was rough. I do not want to complain about my childhood, but I also do not deny that it was not an easy one. My parents split up when I was really little, and I lived with my mom for most of my life. She was an alcoholic, and she did not really know how to take care of us. She tried to take care of us when she was sober, but it was not often that she was sober, so my siblings and I basically raised ourselves. It was not a good thing, but somehow we managed to make it through. Because of our circumstances, none of us kids were able to get a car unless we worked and paid for everything. I worked hard and paid cash for my first car. It was an old car, and it did not have air conditioning. I was super thankful to have a car, but it was quite miserable driving a car without air conditioning. I live down south, and it is so hot. It is usually between ninety and a hundred and ten degrees every single day outside. It was quite rough. The inside of my car felt like a furnace. I used to bring a bucket of ice cold water in my car wherever I went. I would literally take cups of ice cold water and dump it on me when I started to overheat. It was so hot that it would dry before I got to my destination, so it was not a huge deal. Needless to say, I was super happy when I finally got a new car that had air conditioning.

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