Trade school helped me earn a better living

Education is the equalizer of our nation, and one of the greatest aspects of living here. No matter who you are or what level of skill or intelligence you have, you can always get an education to better yourself and give yourself more options. Going to college is just one of a hundred different ways to educate yourself, and it is easily the most expensive. Trade schools and skill programs to teach you one particular job are a much more direct route to improving your employment. I knew I would never go to college, but once my friend got my looking into trade schools I knew I found what I needed. After 6 months studying HVAC systems repair I got an internship with a local contractor. He would pay me minimum wage to work as an HVAC tech assistant for the next year while I finished up my classes. Once I graduated, and earned my heating and cooling certification with the state, he would double my pay and make me a full time tech. I did not like working so hard for minimum wage, but the on the job training with an experienced heating and cooling pro more than made up for it. He was a great teacher, and I learned more about cooling system troubleshooting from him then I did in any of my classes. The HVAC classes were not easy for me, because I was never a great student, and I truly believe the work experience is what helped me pass. Very soon I’ll be an HVAC tech, with an assistant of my own.



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