Stolen HVAC parts

I work for a local factory where we make parts for HVAC systems.

I don’t know if you have ever worked in a factory job before, but if you have you know they are the worst.

It’s so boring because every single day is the same. I really want to get a new job, but this pays the bills and the benefits are pretty good. It’s nice that I also have made some pretty good friends along the way so they help the time go by faster too. Last week was a little bit more exciting than most weeks because there was drama around the factory. I guess someone broke into the factory and stole a bunch of HVAC parts. I was shocked that someone was able to break in because they keep the factory very secure at night while everyone is gone for the day. However, the thief ended up taking thousands of dollars worth of HVAC parts. My boss started to question everyone at first because he thought maybe one of us took the HVAC missing parts. However, after watching the surveillance videos he say that someone actually broke into the factory. I think they are going to have to install more security because the HVAC parts that were stolen are very expensive and they can’t afford to have that many HVAC parts go missing again. I hope that we don’t have another break in because I really didn’t like all the drama that was going on last week. I guess I’ll take the boring factory work over that any day.


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