Passing on the camping trip

My brother and I are very different people. When we graduated from high school I went straight into college to get a degree in business so I could work for my family’s company. However, my brother did the opposite. He went traveling for a year and then decided that college isn’t for him. My parents were so upset about this and told him that he had to go to college. They weren’t going to force him to work for the family company, but he needed to have a degree. Hearing this made my brother even more upset so he took off for another year to travel. When he got back we had a long talk and he said I should join him on his next trip and let me know that he was going camping next weekend with his friend. I didn’t want to sound like a prude but I couldn’t camp out in the woods in a tent. I wanted to have a heating and cooling system because I hate waking up in the middle of the night covered in sweat. I asked my brother what they did for a heating and cooling system and he just laughed at me. He didn’t think I was serious, but I told him that I really couldn’t sleep without a heating and cooling system, especially the cooling system. It was the middle of the summer and the bugs would eat me alive if I didn’t have an air conditioner to help keep them away from me. He couldn’t believe that the reason I was passing on camping was because of a heating and cooling system.

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