HVAC issue turns into date

On a hot day in early July, an employee of a restaurant in a touristy small town noticed that something was not right.

Usually around 9:00 am, the inside of the building is empty and cold.

Sometimes, it would be so cold that she would need a jacket while she prepped the kitchen to prepare for a busy day frying potatoes and scooping chowder. On this particular day, that was not the case. The temperature inside was already 90 degrees and climbing. She knew she had to act quick. Luckily, she had prepared for something like this and knew of a local HVAC repair company. As the rest of the staff arrived for their morning shift, the inside temperature was already up to 92 degrees. Panic starts to set in. How on earth were the servers going to survive delivering food, filling drinks, and making conversation with visitors from out of town? Twenty minutes before opening, the HVAC worker walks in. Everyone was relieved to know that the air conditioner was going to be fixed soon! This unexpected visitor from the local HVAC company was very cute to one of the cooks working that day. She had never been attracted to HVAC workers, but this one was different. She was mostly attracted to his calm demeanor and the way he climbed onto the roof without thinking twice to fix the air conditioning unit. After things cooled down, the cook gathered the courage to talk to the HVAC worker. After chatting for a bit, the HVAC worker asked the cook on a date that evening.
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