HVAC is most important feature in our new house

Everyone is plagued with air conditioner problems, especially if you live somewhere warm and tropical.

Every homeowner has experienced a winter issue with the furnace.

As a homeowner, it’s something most people expect. These expensive machines will not last a lifetime, and they are bound to have trouble throughout their lifetime. The first house that my wife and I purchased was a small cottage with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. We were a young couple and didn’t plan on having any kids for a while. We only wanted something small, but neither one of us wanted to spend a lot of money renting something each month. When we saw the two bedroom cottage, both of us thought it was perfect. It was charming and small, but the fireplace was cozy. Unfortunately, the only thing nice about the cottage was the exterior. We had problem after problem with the plumbing and HVAC unit. The first year went by without a single issue, but year 2 was awful. My wife and I spent hundreds of dollars on expensive HVAC repairs. As soon as the warranty was up, there was another problem with the HVAC unit. When my wife and I decided to search for a new house, the HVAC unit was one top priority on our list. We even paid a contractor to perform a full evaluation and inspection on the whole HVAC system. We didn’t want the same trouble that we experienced with the last house. With twins on the way and no time to spare, we needed to find something that would last a few years.