Changing the thermostat settings to save energy

They simply need to just get where they are comfortable.

A thermostat can really affect a home’s energy bills. Getting HVAC service, closing the blinds and caulking around the windows do save energy. But, setting the thermostat appropriately also makes quite a difference. Rather than setting the home at a freezing 60 in the summer and a balmy 80 degrees in winter, just go to where it’s comfortable. Altering the thermostat 5-7 degrees different can save almost 10% on the monthly energy bills. A lot of homeowners get it wrong thinking they need to quickly lower or raise the home temperature in order to be more efficient. These people in the summer freeze their home, turn off the AC and the let the heat come in overtime. Once it gets hot, they turn the AC back on. This is incredibly inefficient and wastes money. It is better to keep the AC going at a constant steam rather than power it on and off. Also, believe it or not, the heat flows in the home faster when it is freezing rather than just a little on the warmside. So these homeowners are not fooling anybody or saving anything with this method. They simply need to just get where they are comfortable. Also, changing the settings when at work or in bed is a good idea. Do you really need quality heating late at night? For eight hours the heater can be set a little lower and the homeowner could rely on heated blankets. At work don’t bother with the AC being on at full power. The home doesn’t need to be the perfect temperature.

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