Am I the best HVAC worker out there?

After fifty two years of working full time, I have finally decided to retire.

I am not upset about the work, it is your job to work hard to support your loved ones, and I was happy to do it.

I am also glad to not have to work any longer! I put in my time, I earned my retirement, and I fully intend on enjoying my retirement to the fullest. My only problem is that my old job doesn’t want to let go of me. It’s hard to find another HVAC worker who has as much field experience as I do. So my boss keeps calling me with questions. I helped them out for the first couple days, but after a while when I saw the name of the HVAC company on my phone stopped answering the phone. In the following months my old boss came by to visit my house, and asked if I wanted to act as his HVAC consultant. At least that is what he called it, a new job title he created just for me, and he would pay me to answer the phone and give HVAC advice to his new technicians. I did not need the money, and I did not miss the HVAC work at all, but for some reason I still said I would do it. Maybe I have a hard time saying no, or maybe I just like the feeling of knowing I am the best HVAC worker out there.
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