My boss wants me to fix the HVAC units

I am the maintenance man at a large corporate office.

I check all of the equipment and construction areas, and I have to make sure it is all working.

Most of the work that I do has to require very little certification or specialty because I have so much that I have to remember. Typically, I don’t fool around with large equipment like HVAC units. Air conditioners and furnaces are definitely above my head, and my boss hires HVAC technicians to come to fix the furnace. However, when the furnace stopped working the other day, I looked at the HVAC unit and the process didn’t seem that hard to do. The part that was broken on the furnace was obvious, and I told my boss that I could probably fix it without the help of an HVAC technician. I was able to fix the furnace, and my boss was pleased. However, ever since, my boss expects me to fix all of the air conditioners and furnaces. I have tried to explain to him that I was only able to fix the furnace that one time, but I don’t understand how all HVAC units work. He insists that I will be able to figure out how to fix the air conditioners and furnaces. He has even threatened to take my job for now wanting to fix the HVAC units. He is just trying to be very cheap because HVAC technicians are more expensive. They get paid to work on HVAC units, but I get paid a much lower salary. I should have never offered to fix that HVAC unit.



HVAC maintenance