Going camping is awesome, but I have to bring a portable AC unit with me

Everytime I go camping I really love it, there is just one thing that I don’t like about camping and that is the lack of AC.

I really love to have a nice AC system with me wherever I go.

I recently was talking to my HVAC technician about my camping trip and how I was sad I wouldn’t have my air conditioner. He told me about a company that makes really nice portable AC units so I decided to look it up. It was pretty expensive for an AC unit, but since I really love AC so much I knew I would use it all the time. Now when I go camping I just bring my AC unit with me and I have had no problems. Sometimes people will make fun of me for bringing my AC unit with me, but I really love the way it feels. It’s nice to jump in the lake on a hot day, but not as nice as having an air conditioner right on you. It’s safe to say that my HVAC bill is way higher than most people. I always get my HVAC bill and it tells me how much energy I use compared to others, and I know that it is because of the AC unit. I have been told that I should switch to a smart thermostat and I am thinking about it because I hear that I can use the thermostat while I am not even at home. It would be really cool to be able to turn the AC unit on and off with my phone!

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