That did take a while

My first husbandy Tyler and I met when our Moms were stationed at the same army base.

  • Tyler was many years older than me, and he was the cutest guy in our class.

Both of us played basketball together after school, although I had a difficult time talking to the cutest boy in the class. I never thought Tyler was gay, and I was easily intimidated. When we hanging out after school a single day, we started talking. I l received a lot about Tyler, and he asked for my PC number. Both of us went to the motion pictures for our first date, and we stayed together until Tyler’s Mom was stationed on the other side of the country. I wrote letters to Tyler once a week, however we eventually drifted apart. I didn’t see Tyler or talk to him again, until last weekend. It’s been 10 years, although I still recognized him instantaneously. I was responding to a standard Heating, Ventilation, and A/C service call. I was kneeling on the door stoop, when Tyler answered the door, however he was just as handsome as I remembered, and he recognized myself and others almost instantaneously. I was there to complete an air conditioner repair job, although I wanted to talk to Tyler instead. I ran tests on the air conditioner and talked to Tyler at the same time. It was love no time had passed between us. Before I left, Tyler asked for my number. The same day, he called to ask myself and others to supper. Tyler and I have been dating for 6 months, and things are actually good between us. I am still thankful that my Heating, Ventilation, and A/C supplier sent myself and others to his place for a routine air conditioner service call.


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