Sleeping in the truck with the heat on all night

I knew it was too cold to go tent camping, but my brother insisted.

He was off from work all weekend and wanted to spend time camping in the woods.

I agreed to the adventure, after half a day of pleading and begging. We ventured out 3 miles into the woods, until we came to our favorite camping spot. Though it had been two years since our last time there, everything still looked the same. There was s small cleared path right to the stream, from the last time my brother and I were camping in that very spot. I brought a hammock for sleeping, and I found two large trees to affects both sides. My brother brought a small tent. It was plenty big enough for both of us, in the event that I needed to seek shelter from the rain. The weather was cold and stormy, but it didn’t rain at all during the weekend. It was terribly cold and frigid, especially on Saturday night. The temperatures were below freezing. Even with both of us in that tent, it was still unbearably cold. My brother and I hiked 3 miles in the darkness, so we could find the truck. Once we found our safe haven, we turned on the heater. After 30 minutes of sitting in the heat, we fell asleep. My brother woke up several hours later, and the truck heater was still running. I didn’t wake up until the sun came out in the morning. The truck was almost out of gas, but we managed to sleep through the coldest part of the night. The only thing that saved us from frostbite was the heater in our truck.

Ductless heat pump