I think a discount was warranted in this case

In the residential HVAC business, customers are our primary concern.

If our customers aren’t happy, they will write reviews online. Everyone and their grandmother can read those reviews, and it takes years to get things erased from the internet. I always tell all of my HVAC technicians to be kind, polite, and respectful to our customers. They are the backbone of our business and they virtually sign our paychecks. Last week, I had to fire one of my employees due to a customer complaint. The customer called for a routine HVAC service call. The customer thought the HVAC unit was making a strange noise and they wanted a technician to come check on the system. I scheduled one of my best HVAC technicians to take the job. The technician got lost on the way to the address and it took an hour to get to the destination. We told the customer it would take 25 minutes, and she was upset when it took longer. When the technician arrived, he didn’t hear any sounds inside of the HVAC unit. He performed a 25-point inspection on all of the heating and AC components. He didn’t find anything out of the ordinary. The customer didn’t want to pay the service fee, because she didn’t feel like the technician did any work. She was still convinced there was a strange sound coming from the heat pump. As soon as the customer started to complain, my HVAC technician called me on the phone. I told him to give the customer a discount and make her happy. The last thing we need is a bad review.

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