Looking into strange types of air quality accessories

I have all sorts of complaints with the air quality of my house.

The winters in this part tend to last for approximately six weeks, and the temperature frequently dips into the negative digits.

The air is naturally entirely dry at this time of year and blasting the furnace makes it worse. The lack of sufficient humidity causes a long list of problems. The people I was with and I deal with chapped lips, frizzy hair, dry skin and sore throats! Because of overly dry nasal passages the people I was with and I are more at risk of respiratory infection and it takes longer to get over colds and flu. In the summer, the people I was with and I have the opposite problem. The excess humidity creates the ideal habitat for bacteria, mold, mildew and dust mites. The people I was with and I rely heavily on both the air conditioning and furnace, forcing us to keep the cabin sealed up tight for the majority of the year. This eliminates ventilation and results in a stale and musty living environment. I’ve been looking into all strange types of indoor air pollen levels accessories, and I don’t think which would be best. A humidifier would be ideal for the Winter conditions, but a dehumidifier would be better in the summer. The people I was with and I could entirely use a ventilator to bring in fresh air all year round, but I’d also love to filter out air contaminants. An media air cleaner captures dust and other airborne allergens and kills viruses and bacteria. I’ve also considered the benefits of a germicidal UV lamp that would scrub the air and protect the efficiency of the air conditioning. I’m planning to consult with an HVAC professional, explain the situation and ask for a recommendation.


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