Boiler system and the metal grates in the floor

When my husband and I bought our first home I broke down and cried.

  • The reason is because the house was such a mess.

There was dirt, hair and garbage all over the place. All the appliances were old and the place was falling down. We got it for a low price because of how rundown it was. The one thing I insisted on changing was the living room. The house had a boiler system in the basement. The living room had multiple metal grates in the floor. The boiler would heat up and the heat would rise through the grates. The living room looked like a poor white trash house. I had my husband seal every grate up but the big main one. I then tried everything I could to make it less visible. After all the work was done I realized how stupid I was. Covering all the vents made it so the heating did not rise as easy. The boiler system is known for being a powerful heater, but it could not heat the home good enough. One grate did not provide enough access. The living room was freezing cold all winter long. I finally gave up on the boiler system and had it removed. I got the grate covered up and replace the equipment with a fireplace. The gas fireplace is not as good as the boiler was. It provides heating, but really for the one room since there is no ductwork. At the end of the day, the best heating situation was when the house looked horrible with all those grates.

Heat pump installation