Don’t have the wifi for a smart thermostat

Everyone has been telling me how great smart thermostats are.

Apparently these thermostats have amazing learning capabilities.

They learn what time, room and temperature you want HVAC in. The thermostats can scan a home and check for occupants. When no one is there, the HVAC is powered off. This function saves tons of energy overtime. Additionally, the thermostat will warn a homeowner if they are setting it inefficiently or not. Along with this, air filter changes and poor indoor air quality will be alerted all through the thermostat. Most people love the wifi capability feature. Any product with wifi whether it is a laptop, tablet or phone can run the thermostat as long as there is a connection. So on vacation, at the office or laying in bed, the thermostat temperature can be controlled. This is great for snow birds and businessmen who travel a lot for work. I am neither of these and not technologically capable. The biggest reason I am anti smart thermostat is that the wifi is spotty at best in my home. There is no way a smart thermostat could learn a heating and cooling program for me. It needs wifi to clock the times and temperatures I set. My wifi cuts out at least three times a day. I also would not be able to connect through my phone hardly ever. I can see myself at the office hoping to change the thermostat and not being able to. It would be an expensive purchase and the thermostat would operate like a normal dial one due to wifi.

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