Customer complaints get him fired

Most everyone feels the same way about traveling salespeople.

They try to talk you into buying something that you might not need or have no method that the thing works.

Every one of us deals with sales people on a daily basis and a few things will send up an immediate red flag. Everyone of us certainly understand that customer complaints are the number one way to understand how business is going. The two of my friends in addition to everyone of us are in charge of a heating in addition to air conditioning supplier. Everyone of us expect our contractors to follow the guidelines set forth in our handbook. Many of those guidelines talked about the ways that we can treat our customers in the heating in addition to air conditioning repair business. Many of our customers have no idea how a furnace or air conditioner Works, in addition to the fact that it is the job of our contractors to provide answers to questions with no attitude. Sometimes my busy contractors make mistakes. Last month, we received a call from reception that one of our staff members was doing a terrible job. Every one of us spoke to the employee about the complaint and found out that they were not looking to act in a particular way. Every one of those employees knew that we were going to focus on customer service. Everyone has to be careful with the finished task or we end up giving people money back on their heating, ventilation, in addition to air conditioning work.



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