Our leaseholder is raising my energy bill

My wife in addition to myself decided to buy more than one rental property in our city.

One of those rental properties is a place where we live.

It is a duplex that has an additional two-bedroom Loft on the other side. It wasn’t a hassle in the beginning, because we were sharing the space for the family member. After we decided to rent the place to a tenant, we heard damaging a crashes all the time. My hubby in addition to myself basically wanted to know what was going on, but they were paying the mortgage on time and there was nothing that we could do to complain. Every one of us decided to speak with the people I was with an addition to myself about our rental agreement. The people in addition to myself explain that this rental agreement is only good for the campground. Everyone of us had things under control in the beginning. Of course, when the other owner of the duplex decided that we were going to share the expense for the heating, ventilation, and AC component, I was not happy. I spent a lot of time perfecting my coffee in addition to I wasn’t about to let somebody come by and just Snapchat right out of my hand. Many of us headed up towards those mountains so we could check on our cabin in addition to see if it was still standing 20 years later. The people I was with an addition to myself new this Arena would be warm as long as it was still faced with a roof.

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