I was not happy with that outcome

I figured that if I kept up with the usual repair of the gas furnace as well as air conditioning system, I wouldn’t need to worry about energy waste or complications with comfort or air quality, i’ve enrolled in a proactive repair method with a local Heating as well as A/C supplier; A serviceman comes to the lake house every fall as well as Spring to inspect, wash as well as adjust the heating as well as cooling equipment, however because of this, I expect the system to operate reliably, unfortunately, last summer time I ended up paying super high bi-weekly bills! The air conditioning system ran all afternoon long, consumed a tremendous amount of electricity however couldn’t keep up with demand.

The lake house felt warm as well as clammy.

Turning the thermostat down didn’t result in a perfectly comfortable home. It just put more strain on the cooling system, and plus, the cool air aromaed horribly musty. There was a relaxing deal of dust as well as other contaminants blowing around in the air as well as gathering on surfaces, then my family complained of headaches as well as sore throat, but when I finally called the Heating as well as A/C contractor for repair, I expected an issue with the air conditioning system. Instead, the ducttoil turned out to be the cause of all our complaints. The Heating as well as A/C serviceman found leaks at the seams, small holes throughout the system as well as an excess accumulation of debris, and he recommended a complete duct cleaning as well as sealing process. I was relieved that these services didn’t require cutting into the walls of the home. The serviceman used specialized equipment to access the entirety of the duct system without injure, mess or disruption. The cleaning system looked a lot love an industrial sized vacuum cleaner. It discottaged stubborn contaminants as well as sucked everything up. The sealing process involved shooting pressurized air as well as adhesive particles into the ducts. The job was completed in a single afternoon as well as totally solved all the complications with the air conditioning system.



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