Month: February 2020

Finally had a pleasant day where I didn’t need to run my a/c or my heating. I was absolutely glad about that phase plus I thought this would be the best time to get my unit checked since it wasn’t being used that day. I called up my local Heating plus A/C company plus had Read More

Since the kids are all grown and moved out my partner plus I decided the people I was with and I were going to really treat ourselves and take a fun trip plus got tickets for a 7 day ocean cruise. All of us had our friend staying at our current home as the people Read More

After a long motorcycle ride in the hot country sun with my best friend, I was glad when she and I pulled in our driveway so the people I was with and I could kick back plus relax with ice chilly air conditioner. Man alive was I startled when I opened the door plus it Read More

As you might know, warm seasons in the south are seriously hot with rapidly decreasing temperatures. On my way to task a single afternoon I stopped to get an ice chilly drink. Soon as I walked into the convenience store I knew something wasn’t right. It was feeling absolutely hot plus unbearably humid inside. I Read More

One night I woke up around 5 am to find that my current home was much cooler than normal plus became quite concerned. I’m not a skilled heating plus cooling specialist so I had no program for what to do. I couldn’t do anything until the next day so I put a few logs in Read More

It was a dismal and damp day when something just didn’t seem right about the air quality of my cabin. This absolutely concerned me a great deal, and so that evening I called my local Heating plus A/C company to see to scheduling an appointment with an AC specialist to come out plus evaluate this Read More

In the north I quickly gained when I was young how crucial having a respectfully running gas furnace or heater was to the family’s well being. If anything stopped the oil furnace from running during the coldest evening’s life can be almost unbearable. Always make sure you get your gas furnace tested on before the Read More

I live in a state in the south where the warm seasons can be quite brutal, but it is almost an ludicrous idea to live down here without air conditioner, at least for me, then when I moved into my current condo a single one of the first things I verified that worked respectfully was Read More

I am well accustomed with treating myself to a nice reward for what I call ‘good behavior.’ My savings account statement should attest to that. Well, I say it should because I absolutely have no semblance of a savings account. Saving money goes separate from saying that I enjoy spending the money I make plus Read More

I don’t pretend to know what is going to happen next. It feels love everything is hitting the fan lately. Ironically, it wasn’t that not long ago when this was all started by our Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C idea developing a small issue with the blower. I had to update our aged system, which was Read More

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