As I prepare for purchasing my custom-built home, there are a few items that are a must-have in my opinion. One of these home improvements I know the whole family would be behind. I really want radiant floors, but heated floors may seem like a deranged idea, but for me, I truly believe that this Read More

I am a big fan of the features that are available through my smartphone. There are so several settings that can be controlled by a press of a button, from any location, that makes life easier. I am always seeking out new technology to improve my life, then one of my favorite tools to improve Read More

One of the worst restaurant experiences I ever had was all because of a temperature issue… Some old college roommates I had not seen in a few years came to visit my hubby plus me. Every one of us wanted to end the day with a great meal at a great restaurant all of us Read More

This has been a scorching and super tepid summer. Of course, all summers out here are. Don’t try to get me wrong though, I enjoy the summertime. But, I can say I take a lot of steps to get ready for Summer in order to always make sure myself and my lake house are comfortable Read More

I was surprised when my tenants called out of the blue and said that the cooling system was not easily working in their amazing new apartment. They had just moved in and I had already checked everything. I had also had the furnace and cooling system taken great care of the unit just days before Read More

It also cannot keep the gas furnaces running consistently at night during the Winter either The people I was with and I had a new home custom built on our land. The people I was with and I knew we had a few issues but also knew that it would be worth it in the Read More

I was concerned when I came to the lake house from my usual job and observed that my lake house smelled like it was filled with smoke. Although the smoke detectors were not going off at that moment, I was concerned that something smelled as though it was burning. I could not pinpoint the source Read More

I’m entirely going to get 1 of these When I decided to build a hang cave, I knew I would not use mine for traditional hobbies. I wanted a guy cave for the purpose of gaming. I decided to convert our entire garage into a gaming cave. At first, I swear, I didn’t suppose this Read More

My neighbor’s spouse passed away right in front of us several years ago. His boys never stopped by to visit his little home either. I would worry that he was lonely but he does have an extremely aged pet that seems to keep him happy. Besides that, my family invites him over for all of Read More

My buddy, Jimmy, works as a mechanic and he has been badgering me to apply to a job with him. The shop is hiring and Jimmy says the people I was with and I could have a lot of fun every day easily working together. I have not easily given much thought to applying to Read More

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