Once or twice a month, when the monotony of my daily life starts to get a little overwhelming, I’ll leave and spend the weekend in a nice, cozy hotel that’s only about half an hour from my apartment. These mini vacations may not seem like much, but they do wonders to help me relax and Read More

Due to rising temperatures each summer, my city decided to open an indoor playground in order to give the children a safe play to play and stay active while protecting them from the heat outside. The indoor building was one large open room, like a gymnasium, filled with playground equipment. The floor consisted of foam Read More

On days when the shop is closed there are a few places on campus I’ll hang out, like the college library or in my dorm room, but neither is quite the same as the pet shop. After I finish my classes for the day, there’s a special spot right outside of my college campus that Read More

During my first year of college, I moved into a dorm on campus. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as it was a brand new experience for me, but I was just as excited as I was nervous. When I entered my dorm room, I was shocked to find someone else already in the room. Read More

Since I retired down to the south to enjoy the warm weather, my children often come to visit during the summertime. I enjoy seeing them and my grandkids, and the company is always welcome. One summer, my daughter called to plan a visit, but I told her she may want to postpone as my air Read More

When my daughter and her husband came down to visit, they brought their two little girls along so I could spend some time with my grandkids. One day during their visit, they asked if I could watch the girls while they went out to spend some time together, and I happily agreed. I may have Read More

When my health began to deteriorate and I really struggled to take care of myself and housework, insurance approved for me to get the help of a home care assistant. They would come out to my apartment twice a day, in the morning and at night, to offer assistance as needed, and I was able Read More

I felt bad for calling on the nurses so often to adjust the thermostat, but they assured me it was simply a part of their job After suffering an accident last month, the muscles in my leg were extremely injured and weakened, leading to me being unable to take care of myself. I lived alone, Read More

After having a stroke that greatly impacted his mobility and ability to speak, my father needed to stay in a nursing home for his rehabilitation treatment. His physical and speech therapists were part of the staff, and there was 24-hour care staff on call to assist him whenever he needed to get up or if Read More

The difference in temperature should be immediately noticeable If you struggle to maintain the temperature in your home even with your HVAC system running at full throttle, it may mean that the heated or air conditioned air is escaping through the ducts. This can happen slowly over time and initially without much notice. However, if Read More

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